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SMS2PC without expensive devices
SMSBoard is a program that enables the automatic downloading of incoming text messages (SMS - Short Messaging System) from an ordinary mobile phone to a personal computer. The communication link is the infra-red port or the serial interface. Once downloaded to the computer, the SMS message can be edited, be projected by a videobeamer with full screen function, or archived, or even transferred to a destination URL. All you need is a mobile phone, a computer (both with an infra-red interface). More available applications are SMS contests, SMS polls, live SMS chat, and many more.

  • Windows
  • Java Virtual Machine (free download at
  • an infra-red port on the computer
  • Please find a preliminary list of compatible mobile telephones here.
On older versions of Windows, the infra-red port needs to be mapped as COM-Port (use e.g. ircomm2k).

Here a selection of pictures: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6,

Current version
The software was written a long time ago and is outdated. Nowadays, there for sure exist apps for iPhone and Android that can do the same. However, if you are still interested in it, then feel free to send me an email. Just smsboard@ the same url as this page.

The list of settings for various cell phones will be constantly updated: Mobile Phones List.
Please find the online user manual here.
For questions regarding this application, or for problem reports, please click on the Contact form.

  • 25. Nov. 2011: deactivated this page since the project is outdated.
  • 30. Jan. 2005: added a demo-version on this page.
  • 08. Jul. 2004: version 1.0 is available in German and English.

The SMSBoard is a project by Marcel Germann.